Hello! I’m Paula Tapia. Welcome to my home, Tierra Cerámicas.

I come from a family of artisans and since I was little I have been passionate about art, natural materials and being able to create something with my own hands. Little by little I was getting closer to the world of ceramics. I started in Art and Design High School, then as a hobby and now as a profession.

I studied Geological Sciences, and despite not finishing my degree, minerals and geological formations are my greatest source of creative inspiration.

Life has taken me to different parts of the world, Argentina, England, Spain and Denmark, where I was able to meet and learn from local ceramists and potters, sharing the heat of the kiln.

These dynamic experiences have led me to forge my own style and identity as an artist.

In my studio “Tierra Cerámicas” in Barcelona, I design and carry out the production of unique pieces, decorative and functional objects.