El Galpón & Jardín de Tierra, coworking spaces.


El Galpón & Jardín de Tierra are our coworking spaces and Free Access for ceramists located at Riera de Sant Miquel 63 (Barcelona).

We have 9 individual workplaces and a common area. Each member will have free access with keys and will have their own table, chair, shelves and a wide variety of glazes included in the rental.

They are equipped with 3 ceramics kilns of 60lts, 80lts and 130lts dedicated to the members, a Slab Roller, 9 pottery wheels, Wi-Fi, hot water, security cameras, a refrigerator and a coffee maker.

You can bring your glazes and other raw material alternatives to experiment in your own projects as long as they are suitable for firing at HIGH TEMPERATURE 1230 GR.

For the members of the coworking, the clay and tools they need will be at cost. The first week of each month we will order so that it comes together with the TC order.

For those who prefer the monthly Free Access with Pack of hours; the clay, glazes, pottery underglaze, firings, will be included.


If you want to be part, you can call us or write to us::

 taller@tierraceramicas.com / ☎  +34 680 67 65 74

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